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Five Points Recording is a professional audio facility located in the heart of the Five Points district of Huntsville, AL, only one minute from the downtown area. Armed and ready for live band recording, the studio features a 10,000 cubic ft. tracking room + 2 isolation booths for vocals and amplifiers and an isolated mixing room. The studio is equipped with an API 1608 board, great selection of gear, and grand piano, Hammond B3, Rhodes, Sugar Percussion drum kit, many guitars, amps, and more.


Artists looking to record their new record

Custom music production

Scoring / Audio for film and game music

Recording for Podcasts and Audiobooks

Dialogue replacement recording for film

Live concert recording / music events

Record in Huntsville


Five Points Friends and Family

In Action

Make Your Record

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Mixing and Mastering

Whether it's a full-length record or music and audio for media, we've got you covered. Our mixing room features a premium Carl Tatz Phantom Focus System including the PFM UHD-1000 Master Reference Monitors and two subwoofers, analog summing, and a slew out outboard gear we process signal through. The studio is equipped with an impressive list of music production equipment, including top tier gear from companies like API, Neumann, Avedis, WARM, Aurora, and Bricasti.

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Music Production

Justin Miller is a composer, producer, and owner of Five Points Recording. Justin holds a degree in film scoring from Berklee College of Music, and has won awards in international film scoring competitions, including East West Quantum Leap's Film Scoring competition. Justin has had film placements and numerous other sync placements. In the 7 years since FPR was founded, Justin has produced and mixed a vast amount of albums and singles in all genres. Tracks produced by Justin have appeared on The Voice, Hallmark, Best Cover Ever, Redbull, countless radio stations across the US, the ACMs, etc. Miller is also co-founder of Nashville Sampling Co., a project dedicated to creating unique Nashville style drum tools.


Filmed at Five Points

Video work by our talented friends


Common Man

I'm Okay With It

Nashville Sampling

Tim Very Drums

Kaleb Sparks

Only Want You

Matt Prater

The Mountain

Dante Pride

You're Still Good


O Holy Night


Five Points Recording's live room is perfect for live concert recording with audio and video, capable of housing attendees for your band's live performances. The area can also double as an event space with a kitchen adjacent to the live room to accommodate food needs.

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