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Five Points Recording (formerly Yellow Hammer Studio) is a recording and mixing facility located in the heart of East Nashville. Our East Nashville location is the perfect place to come record your full album, as we offer the best recording environment, beautiful lodging, and a spectacular location close to restaurants and shops. 

The studio is equipped with an impressive list of music production equipment, including top tier preamps from companies like API, Avedis, WARM, and Aurora, as well as microphones from AKG, Royer, Miktek, and more. The mixing equipment includes a a slew of outboard gear, hordes of plugins, and a computer with a 33.5k GeekBench score. Click for Gear List!

The studio doubles as a production facility for the drum sampling company Nashville Sampling Co. FPR has worked with many artists in creating chart-topping singles, as well as collaborated with artists such as Rich Redmond and Garrett Goodwin to create virtual instruments of unparalleled control.

The design is a collaboration between owner Justin Miller and designer Carl Tatz based on vintage tones and cigar-parlor vibes. Don't let the coziness fool you though, this space has nearly 100 dB in sound reduction between the tracking room and mixing room. And yes, We've tracked TONS of live bands with our setup, finding that the isolation from our three rooms is the perfect balance of control and vibe.

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Our original facility opened in 2014 features an impeccable mix room design by acoustician Carl Tatz. Linear response from 20Hz-20kHz and phase accurate imaging make this the perfect room to have your record mixed at (or book to mix yourself!).

Recording in our silent tracking room through API, CAPI, or Aurora (Neve) preamps into Apogee Converters results In the highest quality recording available. Live tracking or vocal overdubs no problem.

With nearly 20 years of experience recording, founding producer Justin Miller is adept in creating music in all genres. Miller holds a degree in Film Scoring from Berklee in Boston and has numerous sync placements through his productions.



From number charts to masters, we bring your music to life with our diverse team of players. High quality recording and mixing environment, top-of-the-line sample libraries/plugins, and positive attitude will all help you get the performance you've always wanted. 

We are here to help you in all areas of the record making process, as we are more than just engineers working at a studio. From vocal coaching, to harmonizing, to orchestration and mixing, you're covered.

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Justin Miller is a composer, producer, and owner of Five Points Recording, as well as a committee member of the Audio Engineering Society of Nashville. Justin holds a degree in film scoring from Berklee College of Music, and has won awards in international film scoring competitions, including East West Quantum Leap's Film Scoring competition. Justin has had film placements and numerous other sync placements. In the 5 years since 5PR was founded, Justin has produced and mixed a vast amount of albums and singles in all genres. Tracks produced by Justin have appear on The Voice, Hallmark, Best Cover Ever, countless radio stations across the US, the ACMs, etc. Miller is also co-founder of Nashville Sampling Co., a project dedicated to creating unique Nashville style drum tools for country and rock.

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We offer optional lodging for out of town artists and bands! Located in the heart of East Nashville, walk out of the studio into the Five Points area filled with local restaurants, breweries, and merchants.

Lodging includes the entire upper floor of the house (2 bed rooms, 1 full bath and a large living area) as well as the downstairs kitchen, living room, laundry room and porches!


Let us know if you plan to stay at the studio during your record-making experience











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